Primary activity includes


  • Impartial and unbiased consultancy expertise directed primarily to the Credit Reporting Industry where our lead consultant has been recognized as one of the world’s leading independent credit registry/credit bureau experts;


  • Activities related to establishing and upgrading Central Bank monitoring facilities of country commercial bank lending sectors and activities to the development and upgrading of credit registries and credit bureaus  have been conducted on-site in thirty six (36) countries and includes more than one hundred and thirty five (135+) missions, worldwide;


  • Technical advisory services have seen the successful: direct creation of private credit bureaus in five (5) countries; establishment of Central Bank credit registries in four (4) countries; upgrade of Central Bank registries, to best practice, in eight (9) countries;


  • Advisory services have seen the creation/update of laws and/or regulations in twenty-one (21) countries relating to public credit registries or private credit bureaus;


  • Activities have provided direction to Central Bank Supervision Departments in the usage of credit data to more closely monitor bank credit sectors and provided tools to effectively respond to areas of concern;


  • Components include creation of diagnostic studies, feasibility studies, business plans, evaluation of existing infrastructure and development of road maps for creation and upgrading, advice on legal and regulatory issues, creation of laws and regulations, project management, EOI and RFP preparation, EOI and RFP responses, strategic planning, business valuations, processes to ensure Basel II and III compliance and exacting analysis for effective monitoring of country bank and MF credit sectors, strategic planning, financial analysis and projections including NPV, IRR & sensitivity analysis, business strategy, mergers and acquisitions and change management;


  • The company provides internationally recognized experts in the following disciplines: public (Central Bank) credit registries, private credit bureaus, credit scoring, leasing, credit (corporate and consumer), Central Bank supervision, asset management, secured transaction systems and databases, corporate registries and databases; land title registries and databases; movable asset registries and databases deposit insurance, monetary policy, uniform address systems and financial projections;


  • Expertise includes legal, technical, financial, systems, operations and strategy;


  • When faced with challenges, our successful approach and motto is ‘Find A Way’!



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